A Personal Injury Lawyer in Westchester, NY Answers Post-Trial FAQs

August 22, 2013 | Personal Injury

Frequently, clients have many questions for their personal injury lawyer in Westchester, NY regarding what happens after the trial is over. Following are examples of some commonly asked questions.

In the Event That We Win, How Long Before We Get the Money?

Medical concept - stethoscope over the dollar billsIf you and your personal injury attorney in Westchester, NY receive a favorable verdict, it will generally take between several weeks to one month for the case results to be finalized. As long as the attorney for the defense doesn’t appeal the verdict, all lawyers will discuss the final amounts with consideration to the decision in the case and other issues such as attorneys’ fees, deductions, court costs and deductions.

What Will Happen if We Lose the Case?

Of course, your personal injury lawyer in Westchester, NY doesn’t want to lose the case any more than you do. However, it does happen sometimes and if you lose, your attorney will examine the potential for an appeal of the decision. Filing an appeal can be very costly, but your attorney will give you advice as to whether an appeal is worthwhile or not.

Can We Still Obtain a Settlement if We Lose?

Your personal injury lawyer in Westchester, NY will explain to you that it is rare that a plaintiff will receive a settlement after losing a case. Occasionally, the insurer might offer a settlement in order to prevent you from filing an appeal. However, this is unlikely, so it is better to concentrate on winning the case while it is in progress. When you have a case in which the fault is clearly the other party’s and you have followed your attorney’s instructions in preparing for the trial, there is a good chance you will receive a positive verdict.

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