The Medical Bill Mountain

March 25, 2013 | Disability

People commonly pursue personal injury cases because they deserve compensation for medical bills.To receive appropriate compensation for medical bills, you should provide your Fairfield County disability attorney with a precise log of all medical expenses related to your injury.

Consistently Ask for Receipts

  • The best way to accurately log your expenses is by always asking for receipts at the end of each visit to a medical professional. This includes visits to any physical therapists and emergency doctors.
  • Some medical professionals will provide receipts automatically, but others may need to be reminded about providing bills if they send them to your insurance carrier for payment.
  • You can be compensated for medical expenses even if your insurance carrier pays for some bills.
  • Also, do not forget to ask for receipts when paying for medication at drugstores or hospital pharmacies.

Keeping Accurate Records

  • In addition to gathering receipts, you should record whether you or the insurance company (or anyone else, such as a family member or significant other) paid for each individual bill.
  • These records should include the dates each bill was paid and whether the expense was for a medical procedure or prescription.

Your Fairfield County Disability Attorney’s Role

You should give all of these records and receipts to your attorney so that he or she can support your personal injury case. These records may affect the ultimate settlement value, so be sure to log everything as thoroughly as possible.

If you have dealt with a personal injury, you shouldn’t have to bear the burden of crippling medical bills. Call Fairfield County disability attorney Mitchell Baker at (914) 681-9500 to determine whether you can receive compensation.