A Personal Injury Lawyer in Westchester, NY Discusses Depositions

July 18, 2013 | Personal Injury

The deposition is an important procedure that occurs in almost every civil action in which you, as the plaintiff, provide your first sworn testimony regarding your case. You will be asked many questions by the defense attorney about the accident, your injuries, and background information. Your personal injury lawyer in Westchester, NY will be there with you to make sure that you are not asked irrelevant or leading questions. Your answers will be recorded and transcribed, and may be videotaped for later use at trial.

Can You Avoid Giving a Deposition?

Some people ask their personal injury attorneys in Westchester, NY if there is any way they can avoid a deposition. Unfortunately, there isn’t— the law requires that if the defense asks to depose you as the plaintiff, you are to oblige.

Will the Opposing Party Be Deposed as Well?

Another common question is whether the person responsible for the accident will be deposed. If your personal injury lawyer in Westchester, NY requests it, the opposing parties will be deposed as well. But in some cases, it may be better for your attorney not to conduct depositions, as your personal injury lawyer in Westchester, NY can explain further.

The deposition is the first opportunity for both the defense attorney and your personal injury attorney in Westchester, NY to size up each other’s case and prepare for what will likely come out at trial.

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