Preparation Tips for Your Deposition

November 07, 2013 | Personal Injury

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.A client of a personal injury attorney White Plains will often ask what steps to take when preparing to give a deposition.

A Personal Injury Lawyer White Plains Can Help With Preparing for a Deposition

There are certain pieces of advice that any client of a personal injury attorney White Plains should follow before the deposition. They include:

1) Wear clothing suitable for the proceeding.

2) When your lawyer gives you something to read, read it.

3) Even if you believe the response to a question will harm your case, answer truthfully. Lying will do more harm than good.

4) Do not get into a back-and-forth with the defense attorney. Simply answer the questions as best you can.

5) Be courteous with everyone including the defense attorney and the judge.

6) Listen attentively to all questions and wait until the question has been completed.

7) Think about your responses before giving them.

8) Simply reply to the questions as they are asked by both your personal injury lawyer White Plains and the defense attorney. Only give necessary information.

9) Answer in a clear speaking voice.

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