A Fairfield County Personal Injury Attorney Explains How You Can Help

October 10, 2013 | Personal Injury

There are things you can do to assist your Fairfield County personal injury lawyer with the handling of your case. Many of these are directly related to keeping organized records.

Your Attorney Needs Documentation
Any and all medical invoices including bills from doctors, hospitals, trauma centers and so on and any documentation concerning lost wages should be made available to your Fairfield County personal injury lawyer as they come in. In addition, you can help your attorney by:
a. Returning his or her telephone calls in a timely manner
b. Carefully reading any correspondence he or she sends to you
c. Making sure that you do not miss any appointments with doctors or other medical personnel
d. Keeping detailed and comprehensive files of invoices, loss of work income and any other costs and/or expenses related to the incident
e. Making sure you maintain a list of anyone who might have seen the incident occur or can serve as a witness
f. Keeping prints and negatives of any and all photographs taken by you at your lawyer’s instructions
g. Making certain that your attorney has current information on how to reach you and of anything that has changed (marriage, relocation, job change or sudden alteration in your health or injuries)
h. Being absolutely honest in responding to your attorney’s inquiries and withholding no information
i. Being sure that any forms your attorney submits for your signature are signed properly

Doing the Paperwork
Before any medical facility, physician or employer will give out any information concerning you, formal authorization granting permission must be obtained. To release such information without written, signed authorization is illegal. Your Fairfield County personal injury lawyer will require your signature on any documents that he or she may request from you.

For More Information
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