What If the Other Party in a Lawsuit Is Lying?

June 20, 2013 | Personal Injury

If the tortfeasor is untruthful in a personal injury case, a personal injury attorney in Westchester can advise and assist you. It is not uncommon for people facing a lawsuit to alter their story as to what happened in an effort to absolve themselves of liability. Your personal injury lawyer in Westchester has seen this numerous times and knows how to handle such situations.

Your Attorney Will Uncover the Facts

There are instances in which the tortfeasor’s insurer will believe the person they’re insuring or the witnesses presented and issue a denial for the claim. If this occurs, a lawsuit must be filed by your lawyer to recover compensation.

The majority of the time, the facts of the case will surface and the case will be resolved. Your personal injury attorney in Westchester will conduct an investigation of your case and provide a foundation of what actually happened to bolster your version of events.

Is Contacting the Other Party a Good Idea?

Your attorney will tell you that this is never a good idea. Contact in any fashion could put the case in jeopardy. Whatever you say can be taken the wrong way and damage the case. Under no circumstances should one litigant contact the other, whether the opposing party has lied about what happened or not.

Speak to a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer in Westchester

If you or a loved one are in need of a personal injury attorney in Westchester, contact Mitchell Baker at 914-681-9500 today. An experienced attorney can advise you regarding the process of a lawsuit and how to handle a tortfeasor who might not be telling the truth.