A Westchester Injury Attorney Discusses the Time It Takes to Settle

July 11, 2013 | Personal Injury

The length of time it takes for most cases to reach a settlement can vary. Your Westchester injury attorney can explain that the length of time can range from weeks to months or longer from when the initial settlement demand letter was sent. A Westchester injury lawyer can also inform you that in clear liability cases where the injuries are not very serious, it typically can take less than two months. Regardless, every case is unique, so it is best to ask your attorney how long it will likely take to reach a final settlement.

Factors That Impact Settlement

Several considerations can impact when an adjuster answers a settlement demand letter and presents a final offer on a claim. A Westchester injury attorney will tell you that the factors could include the volume of cases the adjuster is juggling, whether the liability is clear-cut and whether you share any responsibility for your injuries. Other factors include whether any additional parties played a part in your injuries, how the particular insurance company in the case handles claims and whether the settlement figure was reasonable. Finally, the overall economic conditions can affect the way insurance claims are processed. Different times of year are better for settlement than others.

Contact a Westchester Injury Lawyer for Assistance

How long a case takes to settle depends on the specifics of the case as well as other factors. If you are involved in a personal injury case, call Westchester injury attorney Mitchell Baker at 914-681-9500.